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The CAD design services 3D Mold offers also CAD and CNC trainings for companies, state-run institutions, educational institutions and individual clients. We head up a professional Engineering Training Center. Based on our longstanding experience, our trainings allow to optimally use facilities of CNC machines, systems for computer aided design as well as minimize the time needed to gain abilities and their efficient usage.

The CAD design services 3D Mold offers an innovative approach to the system of education of students, technical and technological engineers. Our main advantage is an individual approach to the client. At the beginning we make the requirements' analysis, offer an optimal solution and the choice of the right training plan, which is adapted to the experience, abilities and expectations of the participant. Very often the result of consultations is preparing the dedicated, individually adapter CAD and CNC training, that maximally covers the training needs of the client.

We collaborate with academic institutions, such as vocational schools, technical institutes, vocational training institutions, academies and employment agencies. The schemes of our trainings include the newest solutions and trends in the specified area. An unquestionable advantage of the trainings is possibility of skill sharing between participants and thereby possibility do widen the knowledge.

During our trainings we share practical and theoretical knowledge of our instructors, which is often unavailable in any manuals and textbooks. After every training the participants get a certificate, that acknowledges completion of CAD and CNC training.

We provide the technical support and consultations in the scopes, that often extend beyond the frames of CAD and CNC trainings. We provide support not only stationary, via phone or the Internet, by answering any questions of the client, but also help on the spot, in the client's workplace. The CAD design services 3D Mold offers a broad range of training services. Our offer includes CAD and CNC trainings for companies and individuals, who start their adventure with engineering, as well as for qualified personnel.

We offer also e-learning courses.

Training offer:

  • technical drawing
  • operating and programming of numeric operated machining tools - CNC operator: milling machines, drilling machines, wire cutters
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • advanced programming of numeric operated machining tools by means of CAM systems
  • advanced CAD designing
  • project analyzing, testing and optimization
  • technological and manufacturing processes design

The training participation is the best way to gain additional qualifications, what is of great advantage for companies as well as for their employees. Companies participating in trainings follow the technical progress, do matter on the market and are serious opponents for the competition. The training participation can result in more profits and more operational areas as well as new clients' acquisition.

Advantages for companies

Above all it is a qualified employee, who can make his or her work more efficiently by capably using the acquired knowledge and effectively introducing the technological news. The trained employee can also share his or her abilities and experience in the workplace, thereby coaxing other people to individual development. Possibility to develop the abilities like CAD design and operating the CNC machines is the possibility of development of the personnel.

Advantages for employees

Above all it is possibility to gain extraordinary abilities, which are fostered by certificates. Acquired knowledge and experience strengthen the position of the employee at the company ? qualified personnel is needed and valued. Enhancing qualifications if often connected with promotion and raising the earnings, which is great motivation for further working. Another urge, that coaxes to training participation, is contact with other people, possibility to compare experience and cramping of collaboration. There are more chances to find employment in the demanding working market, there are new perspectives for professional jobs.

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