From the project to the realization

The CAD design services 3D Mold offers a broad range of professional services. Apart from the advanced bundle of CAD designing, analyzing, Rapid Prototyping, continuous consulting or professional trainings in collaboration with our partners, we offer:

Machining - CNC-milling:

  • normal, tempered, alloy, tool and free-cutting steel
  • colored metals
  • stainless and acidproof steels
  • aluminum and duralumin
  • plastics
  • wood

EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining

Machining by means of electric discharge - die-sinking

WEDM - Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Wirecutting by means of Wire Cut


It's a finishing machining of material surface by means of the abrasive tools, which results in high dimensional and shape accuracy. Grinding is used for machining of such elements, as tools, shafts, punch openings and matrixes.
  • planes
  • shafts
  • openings


It's a method of machining, which is used mainly to process outer and inner surfaces of workpieces with a rotational form. By means of turning it's also possible to achieve different shapes, like grooves or undercuts.

Water and laser cutting

It's a modern machining method with dimensional parameters similar to classic mechanical machining. The main difference is the used cutting agent: in case of laser cutting it's a hot laser beam or a clean technical gas; in case of water cutting it's a narrow water stream under high pressure.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment, the procedure or combination of thermal procedures, which result in the change of alloy structure in the solid state and thereby in the change of its' chemical, physical and mechanical properties.

Additional services:

  • welding
  • sheet metal bending
  • iron-working and mounting works
CAD design services 3D Mold offers services in the fields of CNC programming. It let's you and your company save time and money. We are able to use the whole range of possibilities of the most modern hybrid CNC programming.
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