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CAD design


CAD design is a collective term referring to design-oriented undertakings that are supported by means of computers (the acronym means the ?Computer Aided Design?), which ? being equipped with professional hardware and state-of-the-art software, facilitate the entirety of designing process. The beginnings of the studies on CAD design date back to the 70s. Back then, Zbigniew Osiński, the professor of the Warsaw University of Technology published his first script concerning the principles of design aiding. The new turn the field of CAD design (designing supported by computers) took, revolutionized the work of a typical engineer. The period of time required to design a particular product and create it afterwards decreased considerably. Moreover, introducing amendments and implementing modifications in the projects became easier than ever before.

In the classic approach to designing products and whole structures, the created object had its origin in the mind of the designer and was afterwards presented to a wider audience by means of issuing technical drawings. Currently, especially thanks to CAD design, we have the possibility of creating 3D objects effectively and then ? automatically prepare technical documentation for the said goods.

The very core of CAD designing oscillates around digital geometric modeling, aiming at accurately representing the factual form of the object to be created. The methodology behind CAD design has been widely utilized in such branches of industry as: mechanical, electrical, and construction engineering. Due to the fact that technical approaches do not clearly specify what CAD design incorporates, while speaking about this method of project creation, one may enumerate:

  • accurate representation of the nature of a given object by means of a computer, including:
  • digital modeling, enabling the creation of digital scale models of certain products;
  • creation of image-oriented documentation based on digital models;
  • utilization of a computer as a king of a drawing board.

Similarly wide application of CAD design can be observed in the various spheres of engineering. The utilization of the aforementioned technique facilitates the optimization of construction-oriented procedures and processes, therefore making it possible to precisely conduct kinematic and flow rate analyses.

A rapid development of both computer technology and software has translated directly into the easiness of creation of even the most complex constructions, mainly thanks to CAD design. 3D Mold is one of the leaders in this branch of industry, as it has for many years been specializing in supporting a number of companies in this respect.

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