CAD design




The process of new project's implementation begins with an idea. The client shows us his expectations related to the product and we help him to find the best solutions and implement the project.


CAD design

After discussing possible product solutions and estimating the available budget, we start designing works in our construction office. The CAD project is founded, in that it's possible to verify and virtually adjust the product. At this stage we are able to send you the CAD model and product visualizations in form of images and videos.

CAD design



Creating prototype

After pre-accepting the CAD project, we start creating a prototype. Thanks to Rapid Prototyping it is possible to see the real product on the 3D printout. It is also possible to send the prototype for marketing purposes or to verify the introductory assumptions.


Prototype analyzing, testing and optimization

No other company spends money on creating new projects before making all required calculations and simulations. During designing, for example, a car, it's needed to check the expected aerodynamic resistance, construction's durability and many other aspects. The more test simulations and optimizations the more money save the manufacturer and individual elements will be better. That's one of the most important stages, which - thanks to using innovative techniques - allows to:
  • analyze the tensions, vibrations, buckling, fatigue
  • make the static analysis of parts, assemblies, welded constructions, sheet metals
  • analyze the kinematics
  • analyze the pressure
  • analyze the composite
  • simulate the flow of liquids and gases
  • simulate the injection
  • optimize the products' shape
  • optimize the products' mass


Product designing

The CAD design services 3D Mold, using the CAD systems, creates the final 3D-model of the tool. After discussing the main parameters and accepting the technical documentation, the product construction process begins.


Product creation

The next stage is creating individual elements of the tool. Producing the tools is realized in close contact with the client. Continuous quality control during the testing and manufacturing stage ensures the effective process of implementing the new product, which effects in the high quality end product.

CAD design




The final stage of strategic meaning is production. We provide supervision over implementation of the tool from it's designing through it's manufacturing, operating and checking in the current exploitation.

CAD design services 3D Mold employs qualified engineering specialists, who are at your disposal at every stage of project realization.

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