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CAD design services 3D Mold is a company, that offers complex services in the scope of CAD designs, constructions and technologies.

Fast economic growth opens new business areas, that are often related to designing, technology, optimization and usage of innovative solutions. CAD design services 3D Mold was grounded as an answer to the constant need of such kind of services. We saw an economic niche, that we quickly filled and since a few years we can offer you products of the highest quality. 3D Mold is the effect of passion of the people, who create it! We are a young, dynamically developing company from the branch of designing and construction. Our mission is to care about your satisfaction.

We are creating products with highest quality requirements, advanced constructions and properly selected technology. Our long-term experience in the fields of mechanics, technique, technology and production allows us to fully satisfy high requirements of clients, who appreciate promptness, quality and functionality.

CAD design services 3D Mold is leader in the fields of professional services:

CAD design services 3D Mold

Why CAD design services 3D Mold?



The CAD design services 3D Mold employs qualified specialists, who are at your disposal at every stage of project realization. At the beginning of the collaboration we suggest creating a prototype of the tool. Due to advanced analysis and rapid prototyping (Rapid Prototyping - 3D-printing) you get the product early on the first stage of the project with possibility to:
  • implement possible changes, which allows saving time and money
  • analyze and rate the manufacturing and assembly process
  • investigate and model the workflow of material forming
  • analyze and rate the construction solutions
  • verify the construction solutions
  • conduct examinations in wind tunnels
  • choose the material
  • search for design solutions' concepts
  • organize marketing presentations and presentations to the ordering person (client)


We perfectly know the realities and needs of the market and hence, we offer the whole range of services: from consulting up to creating individual tools in bundles with quality and honesty.


We provide supervision over implementation of the tool from it's designing through it's manufacturing, operating and checking in the current exploitation.


We employ highly qualified specialists with long-term, rich experience, whose knowledge and abilities allow us to effectively realize the most complicated tasks.


We collaborate with Quality Assurance Dept, thus we can fully prevent any problems and correctly supervise the tools.


We realize original projects, whereby we skillfully join our knowledge and experience with the most modern technologies on the market.


The CAD design services 3D Mold systematically analyzes technical development and progress in the fields of mechanics, technique and manufacturing.


We continuously perfect our technical equipment, whereby we fulfill the expectations and requirements of our clients.


We collaborate with many national and international contractors, to whom we offer high quality and technologically advanced products.


Our realized projects receive recognition, what is proven by further collaboration with current clients and starting the collaboration with new ones.


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